The Black Veil

Posted: august 30, 2011 by ForSaKeN in Sangvini
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„The Black Veil” [„valul negru”] sau „13 Rules of the Community” [„13 reguli ale comunitatii”] este un cod cu caracter voluntar ce poate fi pus in practica de comunitatile vampirice din SUA.
Redactat initial in 1999 [sau 1998] de catre Father Sebastiaan si refacut ulterior cu sprijinul lui Michelle Belanger.

This lifestyle is private and sacred. Respect it as such. Do not make a sideshow of yourself. We do not have to prove ourselves to anyone. Appearing on public TV to tell the world that you drink blood is useless attention-getting. It gets a negative reaction for the whole community. Our place is in the shadows; our greatest protection from small-minded humanity is the fact that they do not believe we exist. Someday they may be ready for us to reveal ourselves to them, but that time is not now.
Do not hide from your nature, but never show it off to those who won’t understand.

Acest mod de viata este privat si sacru. Respectati-l ca atare. Nu va dati in spectacol. Nu trebuie sa dovedim nimic nimanui. Sa apari la TV ca sa afirmi ca bei sange inseamna a cere in van atentie. O sa aveti parte de o reactie negativa din partea intregii comunitati. Locul nostru este printre umbre; cea mai eficienta protectie fata de umanitatea ingusta la minte este faptul ca ei nu cred ca existam. Poate ca intr-o zi or sa fie pregatiti pentru ca noi sa ne aratam lor, dar acea zi nu a sosit inca.
Nu va ascundeti de propria natura, dar nu v-o aratati celor ce nu pot intelege

Our paths are many, even though the journey we are on is essentially the same. No single one of us has all the answers to who and what we are. Respect everyone’s personal views and practices. We cannot let petty differences of ideology prevent us from maintaining a unified community; there are enough who would attack us from the outside.
Our diversity is our strength. Let our differences in viewpoint enrich us but never divide us amongst ourselves.

Multe sunt caile noastre cu toate ca, in esenta, calatoria noastra este aceeasi. Niciunul dintre noi nu are toate raspunsurile in ceea ce priveste cine si ce suntem. Respectati punctele de vedere si practicile tuturor. Nu putem sa lasam micile diferente sa ne impiedice din a mentine o comunitate unita; sunt suficienti cei ce ne ataca din exterior.
Diversitatea este punctul nostru forte. Lasati diferentele de opinie sa ne imbogateasca experienta, dar niciodata sa ne divida.

Use sense when indulging your nature. Do not flaunt what you are in public places. Feed in private and make certain your donors will be discrete about what happens between you. Donors who create rumors and gossip about us are more harm than they’re worth. If you engage in blood-letting, put safety and caution above all other things. Blood-born diseases are a very real thing, and we cannot risk endangering ourselves or others through irresponsibility. Screen donors carefully, making certain they are in good health both mentally and physically.
Never overindulge or get careless. The safety of the entire community rests upon each member’s caution.

Fiti prudenti cand va dedati naturii voastre. Nu puneti in evidenta ceea ce sunteti in locuri publice. Hraniti-va in privat si asigurati-va ca donatorii vor fi discreti cu privire la relatia voastra. Donatorii care dau nastere la zvonuri si barfe despre noi produc mai mult rau decat le este valoarea. Daca ajungeti in stadiul in care sa le dati sangele vostru fiti prudenti inainte de orice altceva. Bolile cu transmitere pe calea sangelui sunt o realitate si nu putem sa riscam sa ne punem in pericol in mod iresponsabil. Alegeti-va donatorii cu grija, avand grija ca sanatatea lor – atat mentala cat si fizica este intr-o stare perfecta.
Nu va lasati niciodata luati de val. Siguranta intregii comunitati se bazeaza pe precautiile fiecarui membru.

We cannot and should not deny the darkness within. Yet we should not allow it to control us. If our beast or shadow or darkside is given too much sway, it clouds our judgement, making us a danger even to those we love. Never indulge in pointless violence. Never bring willful harm to those who sustain you. Never feed only for the sake of feeding, and never give over to mindless bloodlust.
We are not monsters: we are capable of rational thought and self-control. Celebrate the darkness and let it empower you, but never let it enslave your will.

Nu putem si nu trebuie sa negam intunericul din noi. Dar nu trebuie sa-i permitem sa ne controleze. Daca bestia sau umbra sau latura intunecata devine prea puternica poate sa ne afecteze judecata, facandu-ne periculosi chiar si pentru cei pe care ii iubim. Nu va lasati niciodata in voia violentei nejustificate. Nu raniti niciodata intentionat pe cei ce va sustin. Nu va hraniti niciodata doar de dragul de a o face si nu va lasati prada nevoii irationale de sange.
Nu suntem monstrii: putem sa ne stapanim. Sarbatoriti intunericul lasandu-l sa va dea putere, dar nu-i deveniti sclavi.

Live your life as an example to others in the community. We are privileged to be what we are, but power should be accompanied by responsibility and dignity. Explore and make use of your vampire nature, but keep it in balance with material demands. Remember: we may be vampires, but we are still a part of this world. We must live lives like everyone else here: holding jobs, keeping homes, and getting along with our neighbors.
Being what we are is not an excuse to not participate in this reality. Rather, it is an obligation to make it a better place for us to be.

Traiti ca un exemplu pentru ceilalti din comunitate. Suntem privilegiati pentru ca suntem ceea ce suntem, dar puterea trebuie sa ne fie insotita de responsabilitate si demnitate. Explorati si folositi natura voastra vampirica, dar mentineti un echilibru cu cerintele materiale. Retineti: poate ca suntem vampiri, dar ramanem o parte a acestei lumi. Trebuie sa ne ducem vietile ca toti ceilalti: sa avem slujbe si case; sa ne intelegem cu vecinii nostri.
Fiind ceea ce suntem nu ne da o scuza sa nu participam la realitatea cotidiana. Mai mult, avem obligatia sa ne adaptam.

We are, all of us, a family, and like all families, various members will not always get along. However, respect the greater community when having your disputes. Do not let your individual problems bring emotional strife to the family as a whole. Settle your differences quietly among one another, only seeking out an elder’s aid in mediation when no other solution seems possible. Never bring your private disputes into public places and never draw other family members into the issue by forcing them to take sides.
Like any normal family, we should always make an effort to present a stable and unified face to the rest of the world even when things are not perfect between us.

Suntem cu totii asemeni unei familii si ca in orice familie anumiti membrii nu o sa se inteleaga mereu. Totusi, respectati comunitatea cand va purtati disputele. Nu lasati problemele individuale sa ne afecteze familia ca intreg. Rezolvati-va problemele intre voi sau cereti ajutorul unui Batran daca nici o alta solutie nu este acceptabila. Nu va faceti publice problemele si nu fortati ceilalti membrii sa fie de o parte.
Ca orice alta familie ar trebui intotdeauna sa facem un efort pentru a afisa o fata calma restului lumii, chiar daca lucrurile nu sunt perfecte intre noi.

Our havens are safeplaces where everyone in the community can come to socialize. There are also often public places where we are likely to encounter people who don’t understand our ways. We should respect the patrons of these places as we should also respect the owners of the establishments and always be discrete in our behavior. We should never bring private disputes into a haven. We should never initiate violence in a haven. And we should never do or bring anything illegal into a haven, as this reflects badly upon the community as a whole.
The haven is the hub of the whole community, and we should respect it as such, supporting it without business and working to improve its name in the community so that we can always call it home.

Caminele sunt locuri securizate unde oricine din comunitate poate sa vina sa socializeze. Exista de asemenea locuri publice unde putem sa intalnim persoane care nu o sa ne inteleaga. Trebuie sa respectam patronii si propietarii acestor asezeminte si sa fim discreti in comportamentul nostru. Nu trebuie sa aducem niciodata o disputa personala intr-un camin. Nu trebuie sa initiem acte de violenta intr-un camin. Si nu trebuie sa facem sau sa aducem ceva ilegal intr-un camin pentru ca asta o sa reflecte in mod negativ pe comunitate ca intreg.

The community is extensive and diverse. Every city has a different way of doing things, and a different hierarchy of rule. When entering a new city, you should familiarize yourself with the local community. Seek out the local havens. Learn what households have sway here. Get in touch with key members of the community, learn who is who, and show proper respect where it is due. You should not expect to impose your old way of doing things on this new community. Rather you should adapt to their rules and be glad of their acceptance.
Always be on your best behavior when coming to a new city either to visit or to stay. We are all cautious and territorial by nature, and only by making the most positive impression possible will you be accepted and respected in a new community.

Comunitatea este extensiva si diversa. Fiecare oras are propriul mod in care isi rezolva problemele si propria ierarhie de putere. Cand intrati intr-un nou oras trebuie sa va familiarizati cu restul comunitatii locale. Cautati caminele locale. Intrati in contact cu membrii cheie ai comunitatii si invatati cine ce pozitii ocupa aratand respect acolo unde este necesar. Nu trebuie sa aveti pretentia de a va impune vechiul mod de a face lucrurile in noua comunitate locala de care apartineti. In schimb trebuie sa va adaptati regulilor lor si sa apreciati daca va accepta in randurile lor.
Mereu comportati-va exemplar cand sunteti intr-un oras nou, fie in vizita sau cu gand de a ramane permanent. Suntem cu totii precauti si teritoriali din principiu asa ca numai daca faceti o impresie buna puteti sa fiti acceptati si respectati in noua comunitate.

This lifestyle is not for everyone. Take care in who you choose to bring into it. Those who are mentally or emotionally unstable have no place among us. They are dangerous and unreliable and may betray us in the future. Make certain that those you choose to bring in are mature enough for this burden. Teach them control and discretion, and make certain that they respect our ways.
You will be responsible for their actions, and their behavior in the community will be reflected back to you.

Acest mod de viata nu este pentru oricine. Aveti grija pe cine alegeti sa aduceti printre voi. Cei ce sunt instabili mental sau emotional nu au ce sa caute printre noi. Sunt periculosi si nedemni de incredere, putand sa ne tradeze in viitor. Asigurati-va ca cei pe care ii alegeti sunt suficient de maturi pentru aceasta povara. Invatati-i sa se controleze si sa fie discreti si asigurati-va ca ne respecta obiceiurile.
Veti fi responsabili pentru actiunile lor si comportamentul lor in comunitate va reflecta asupra voastra.

There are certain members of our community who have established themselves as just and responsible leaders. These are the people who helped establish local communities, who organize havens, and who work to coordinate the networking of our culture. While their word does not have to be law, they should nevertheless be respected. They have greater experience than many others, and usually greater wisdom. Seek these elders out to settle your disputes, to give you guidance and instruction, and to help you establish yourself in the local community.
Appreciate the elders for all they have given you: if it was not for their dedication, the community would not exist as it does now.

Exista anumiti membrii care s-ar facut remarcati si recunoscuri drept conducatori drepti si responsabili. Acestia sunt oamenii care au ajutat la infiintarea comunitatilor locale, care au pus la dispozitie camine si care au muncit pentru a coordona reteaua culturii noastre. Desi cuvantul lor nu trebuie sa fie lege, trebuie sa fie respectati. Au o experienta mai vasta si de obicei sunt mai intelepti. Cautati sprijinul Batranilor pentru a va rezolva disputele, pentru sfaturi si instructiuni si pentru ajutor in integrarea in comunitatile locale.
Apreciati Batranii pentru tot ceea ce au oferit in trecut: daca nu ar fi fost ei comunitatea nu ar fi existat in forma actuala.

Without those who offer themselves body and soul to us, we would be nothing. We cannot be other than what we are, but it is the donors who sustain our nature. For this service, they should be respected. Never mistreat your donors, physically or emotionally. They are not to be manipulated or leeched off of for more than what they freely offer. Never take them for granted. Appreciate them for the companionship and acceptance which they offer us, which so many others would refuse. This above all: appreciate the gift of their life. That communion is sacred. Never fail to treat it as such.

Fara cei ce ni se ofera trup si suflet nu am fi nimic. Nu putem fi altceva decat ceea ce suntem, dar donatorii sunt cei ce ne sustin. Pentru acest serviciu ei trebuie respectati. Nu va abuzati niciodata donatorii – fizic sau emotional. Nu trebuiesc manipulati sau secati peste limita pe care ei o stabilesc. Nu le diminuati importanta. Apreciati-i pentru compania si acceptanta pe care ne-o offera si pe care multi altii ne-ar refuza-o. Si cel mai important: apreciati darul care le este viata. Acea comuniune este sacra si trebuie tratata ca atare.

When you choose to take a position of authority in the community, remember that you do not lead for yourself alone. Leadership is a responsibility, not a privilege. A good leader must set an example for everyone through his actions and behavior. His motives should be selfless and pure, and he should put the interests of the whole community before his own.
The best leaders are those who serve to better the community and whose person and behavior gives no one – even those outside of the community – a reason to criticize them. They must strive to be above reproach.

Cand alegeti sa luati o pozitie de autoritate in comunitate, retineti ca nu conduceti numai voi. Conducerea inseamna si responsabilitate, nu un privilegiu. Un conducator bun trebuie sa dea un exemplu prin actiuni si comportament. Motivele trebuie sa-i fie altruiste si pure, iar inaintea intereselor personale trebuie sa puna interesele intregii comunitati.
Cei mai buni conducatori sunt cei ce deservesc interesele comunitatii cel mai bine si care nu ofera nici un pretext pentru critica.

Being a vampire is not just about feeding upon life. That is what we do, but not necessarily what we are. It is our place to represent darkness in a world blinded by light. We are about being different and accepting that difference as something that empowers us and makes us unique. We are about accepting the dark within ourselves and embracing that darkness to make us whole beings. We are about celebrating the thresholds: body and spirit, pleasure and pain, death and life.
Our lives should be lived as a message to the world about the beauty of accepting the whole self, of living without guilt and without shame, and celebrating the unique and beautiful essence of every single soul.

A fi un vampir nu inseamna numai sa te hranesti cu viata. Asta este ceea ce facem, dar nu neaparat si ceea ce suntem. Noi suntem cei ce reprezinta intunericul intr-o lume orbita de lumina. Noi reprezentam pe cei ce sunt diferiti si acceptam acea diferenta ca pe ceva ce ne da puteri si ne face unici. Noi acceptam intunericul din noi si-l imbratisam pentru a deveni intregi ca fiinte. Noi celebram urmatoarele: trup si suflet, placere si durere, moarte si viata.
Vietile noastre trebuiesc traite ca un mesaj pentru intreaga lume despre frumusetea ce se gaseste in acceptarea in intregime, in a trei fara vinovatie si regret si sarbatorirea unicitatii si esentei fiecarui suflet.

© Copyright 1998 – Present, by Michelle Belanger and Father Sebastiaan.

  1. Mistic Vampire spune:

    Seamana cu regulile de la RPG`ul Vampire – The Masquerade

  2. Lamia spune:

    Nu-mi vine sa cred ca ai stat sa traduci tot. Si cand ma gandesc la fakerii de la noi care se dau vampiri =)) cu presupusul lor coven =))

  3. Svadhistana spune:

    Daca au facut facut episoade in seriale cunoscute incluzand asta, nu mi se pare atat de greu de crezut. Da, unele reguli sunt greu de conceput pentru noi, dar in SUA lucrurile stau cu totul altfel…

  4. Frozen spune:

    Pai la asa reguli cum sa nu se creada toti psihopatii vampiri? Ca-n cazul asta:

    Dar da! Exista asemenea comunitati si exista chiar si oameni care le permit sa le bea sangele. Cel mai des in cadrul unor ritualuri menite sa ii induca in eroare ca sa nu realizeze ceea ce fac.

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